UK’s New ETA Requirement for Visa-Free Visitors

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UK’s New ETA Requirement for Visa-Free Visitors
International travel has grown in popularity in recent years, with more people traveling overseas for several reasons, including business, tourism, and education. Yet, the increasing travel has resulted in heightened scrutiny and measures being imposed by countries to ensure that travellers meet specific standards before entering their borders. One such measure being introduced in the United Kingdom is the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). An Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) is a new requirement for visitors visiting the United Kingdom who do not require a visa. The ETA requirement is similar to other nations’ electronic travel authorization procedures, such as the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) in the United States and the eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) in Canada. ETA grants you authorization to enter the United Kingdom and is electronically connected to your passport.

The ETA is part of the UK government’s efforts to improve border security and streamline the immigration procedure. The ETA system enables the UK government to check visitors before they arrive, making it easier to identify and prevent any security risks. It also decreases the possibility of border delays and disturbances because travellers who have gotten an ETA will be expedited through immigration.The ETA procedure is easy and user-friendly, and it is expected to cut border delays and disruptions while guaranteeing that visitors meet the UK’s entry requirements.

The ETA does not replace the need for a visa and does not ensure entry into the United Kingdom. Visitors must still meet the UK’s entrance requirements, which include possessing a valid passport, sufficient funds to maintain themselves during their stay, and no criminal record.Furthermore, the UK government has the authority to reject admission to travellers who constitute a security or health risk.

Who will require an ETA?

The UK government has announced that Qatari nationals will be needed to acquire an ETA before going to the UK from 15 November 2023, while nationals of Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates will be required to obtain an ETA beginning 22 February 2024.

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Who does not require an ETA?

The ETA does not apply to everyone traveling to the United Kingdom. You will not require an ETA to enter the UK if you are a citizen of the European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland. Citizens of some countries, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, will not need an ETA if they are visiting the UK for less than six months.

How to apply?

If you are a national of one of the countries covered by the ETA scheme, you must apply for an ETA before visiting the UK. You can get an ETA by using the UK ETA app or the GOV.UK website. The application process is simple and normally takes three working days, though it may take longer if additional checks are required.However, before submitting details in the application for approval, double-check that you have filled all the needed information correctly. Any inaccuracies could cause delays in processing or possibly rejection of your ETA.

How long is an ETA valid for?

Once you receive your ETA, it is valid for two (2) years. You can use your ETA to make multiple trips to the UK throughout for two years. However, if you get a new passport within the 2-year validity period of your ETA, you must apply for a new ETA. The ETA is connected to your passport and cannot be transferred to a new passport.

If you are denied an ETA, what is next?

If your ETA application is denied, you must apply for a visa to enter the United Kingdom. The type of visa you require will be determined by the purpose of your visit to the UK. For example, if you plan to visit the UK for tourism or business, you must apply for a Standard Visiting visa. If you want to work as a creative worker in the UK, you must apply for a Temporary Work – Creative Worker visa. If you are passing through the UK on your way to another country, you must apply for a transit visa.


To sum up, the implementation of the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system in the United Kingdom is a step towards enhancing border security and simplifying immigration processes. Although it is a recent requirement for specific visitors, obtaining an ETA is a straightforward and user-friendly procedure. However, it is important to note that visitors still must comply with the UK’s entry requirements.

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