Upcoming Changes to the Definition of Unmarried Partners in the UK Immigration Rules



The definition of unmarried partners in Appendix FM of the UK Immigration Rules is due for a significant change, bringing potential implications for those seeking to immigrate to the UK. This article discusses the upcoming amendments and their impact on the legal requirements for unmarried partner visas.


Amendments to Appendix FM:

As of 31st January 2024, the UK government will introduce revisions to Appendix FM of the Immigration Rules, specifically addressing the definition of unmarried partners for immigration purposes. The key changes include:


1. Cohabitation Requirement: The amendments will clarify that unmarried partners must have been living together, in a relationship akin to marriage or civil partnership, for a minimum period of 2 years. This is intended to provide more specific criteria regarding cohabitation.


2. Financial Requirement: The new rules will also revise the financial criteria for unmarried partners. Applicants will need to demonstrate that they meet the minimum income threshold, as well as providing evidence of financial support and stability.


3. Genuine and Subsisting Relationship: The Immigration Rules will reaffirm the importance of establishing a genuine and subsisting relationship for unmarried partners. Additional evidence may be required to prove the authenticity and longevity of the relationship.


4. Documentary Evidence: Applicants will need to provide comprehensive documentary evidence to support their application, including proof of joint financial matters, shared responsibilities, and cohabitation.


Impact on Visa Applications:

The changes to the definition of unmarried partners in Appendix FM will affect individuals applying for a visa based on this category. It is essential to fully understand the new requirements and prepare an application that meets the revised criteria to ensure a successful outcome.



Staying informed about the upcoming changes to the definition of unmarried partners in the UK Immigration Rules is crucial for those seeking to immigrate to the UK through this category. By understanding the revised requirements and obtaining professional advice, applicants can optimize their chances of a successful visa application. For personalized guidance and assistance with your immigration matters, we encourage you to contact Global Law at 0207 504 1306.

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