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Claiming asylum and humanitarian protection in the UK can be a complex process. we will act as your legal representative and support you throughout the process.

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Claiming Asylum and Humanitarian Protection:

Claiming refugee status and humanitarian protection in the UK can be a complex process. Global Law will act as your legal representative, support you throughout the process and will advise you of the necessary steps to maximise your chances of success.

Global Law will advise the asylum seeker on the applicable domestic refugee law and international legal instruments engaged in a protection claim. We will also advise on the 1951 UN Refugee Convention, the European Convention on Human Rights, Humanitarian Protection, and the Human Rights Act 1998.

Our immigration consultants will provide you with professional legal advice on asylum claims and appeals, private asylum, pre-asylum screening interview advice and post-asylum substantive interview advice. We will also make representations to the Home Office on behalf of the refugee seeker, outlining the background of the case, applicable law and why the refugee status should be granted.

Family Reunion:

A person who is thereafter granted asylum, refugee status or humanitarian protection in the UK, may assist family members who remain outside the UK to join the refugee in the UK. This route is known as the Family Reunion. Global Law will assist family members of those who have been granted asylum and refugee status in the UK (and those with Humanitarian Protection), to apply for a Family Reunion to join their family members in the UK.

Asylum and Humanitarian Appeals:

If the asylum or humanitarian protection claim is refused, the refugee seeker will have a right of appeal to the Asylum and Immigration Chamber (AIC) first-tier tribunal. An Appeal can be launched in the First-tier tribunal in the following circumstances:

  1. Refusal of a human rights claim
  2. Denial of a protection claim
  3. Revocation of protection status

Global Law will assess the merits of the appeal, advise on the necessary steps involved in the  appeal, advise on the evidence needed in support of the asylum appeal and advise on expert evidence if applicable. Global will then draft grounds of appeal and prepare skeleton arguments and asylum appeal bundles. Our senior Immigration Advocate will represent the refugee seeker at the AIC first-tier Tribunal.

If the refugee status or humanitarian protection appeal is dismissed, our experienced Immigration advisors will apply for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal. If permission is granted, we will represent the appellant at the AIC Upper Tribunal.

Thereafter, our immigration lawyers will support the refugee seeker’s protection claim from the first step until the AIC Upper Tribunal stage

Stateless Persons Appeals

If you are a Stateless person and you do not hold a recognized nationality under international law, you can apply for protection in the UK as a stateless person.  If you are present in the UK and unable to return to your country or territory, you may be able to remain in the UK.  The Home Office will assess your claim. Global Law will advise you on the applicable law and provide you with pre-interview and post-interview advice as the Home Office may request an interview with you. Our immigration specialists will advise as to the factors which may constitute statelessness and will advise you on the necessary evidence to be submitted in support of your claim. If your claim for protection is rejected and the Home Office does not accept that you are stateless, you may appeal to the AIC first-tier tribunal. Global Law will represent you in your Stateless Appeal and will advise on the necessary evidence to maximise your chances of success.

Fresh Asylum Claims:

If your asylum claim is refused by the Home Office and later dismissed by the AIC first tier or upper tribunal, you may be able to submit to the Home Office, a fresh claim. The Home Office will consider fresh such claims if you provide evidence that was not considered previously by the Home Office or the Immigration Judge (as applicable). Global Law will assess the merits of your claim and advise you on the applicable law. Our immigration attorneys will make representations to the Home Office on your behalf and will advise you as to the evidence that may constitute “new fresh evidence”, to substantiate a fresh asylum claim. Further, we will also advise you on the required documents to maximise the chances of success.

Deportation Appeals:

Deportation is a mechanism of deporting foreign nationals who have committed certain offences and have received certain custodial sentences and the Home Office deems their deportation is conducive to the public good.

Deporting foreign nationals back to their country of origin can be a daunting process for the deportee. The Home Office will first issue an intention to deport letter. This letter will contain reasons for the proposed deportation. This will attract a right of appeal to the AIC first-tier tribunal. Global Law is authorised to represent potential deportees at deportation appeals at the AIC first-tier tribunal and the upper tribunal. Global Law will advise as to the applicable law, merits of the deportation appeal, and evidence required to support the deportation appeal, draft skeleton arguments, prepare deportation appeal bundles and represent the potential deportee at the deportation appeal.

Immigration Detention:

Immigration detainees have certain legal rights. If the Home Office detain a foreign national at one of the Immigration Removal Centres in the UK, under the immigration powers, the foreign national will have a right to apply to the Home Office for Immigration Bail.

Global Law will assist immigration detainees in all aspects of immigration bail, from completing a bail application form and drafting grounds for bail, to making representations to the Home Office on behalf of the detainee. It is advisable for detainees to engage professional legal advice to ascertain the detainees’ rights. Our Immigration experts will advise the immigration detainees on their rights and will set out the Home Office’s duties and responsibilities towards the detainees. Global Law is authorised to submit bail applications to the Home Office on behalf of immigration detainees. 

First Tier tribunal – Immigration Bail:

Immigration detainees also have a right to apply for bail directly to the Asylum and Immigration Chamber (AIC) first-tier Tribunal. There are certain factors the AIC first-tier tribunal will consider in deciding whether to grant bail. Global Law will assess the merits of the bail application, assist with completing a bail application form, draft grounds for bail and will lodge the bail application to the AIC first tier-tribunal. Our representative and senior immigration advocate is authorised and will represent the immigration detainee at the bail hearing.

Immigration and Asylum Appeals:

What We Can Offer You:

1. A detailed personalized and professional review of your personal circumstances
2. Assessment of the merits of your appeal
3. Advice on the relevant documentary evidence
4. Completion of the asylum or immigration application
5. Completion of appeal applications
6. Drafting Grounds of appeal
7. Drafting grounds for bail
8. Completing bail applications
9. Drafting Representations to the Home Office
10. Updating you on the progress of your case

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